Thinking Historically for Canada’s Future

Thinking Historically for Canada's future

Thinking Historically for Canada’s Future is a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)-funded Partnership Grant focused on K-12 history education in Canada. Led by Dr. Carla Peck at the University of Alberta, Thinking Historically for Canada’s Future aims to nurture a community of interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral inquiry among academic historians, education researchers, Indigenous scholars, graduate students, museums educators, archivists, and practicing teachers to:

  • Map the terrain of history education in K–12;
  • Ascertain to what extent history and social studies teaching helps students engage with the key issues or problems facing Canadian society today;
  • Identify and develop evidenced-based practices in history teaching, learning, assessment, and resource development, and evaluate their efficacy in providing powerful and engaging learning experiences for students, particularly in terms of building trans-systemic understanding across knowledge systems;
  • Cultivate communities of practice with pre- and in-service teachers that are grounded in theoretical and empirical research on history education pedagogy to promote civic engagement and critical historical thinking; and
  • Use findings that emerge from the research to make evidence-based policy recommendations for history curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment through proactive connections with ministries of education, faculties of education, Indigenous organizations and stakeholders, publishers, curriculum developers, and practicing teachers.

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Paul McGuire,

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