In addition to the blog, members of the Active History project have been involved in developing open-access resources for educators and interested readers.


The Active History ebook series brings together some of the best writing published on in an accessible, open-access format. Its thematic collections focus on connecting historians to the public and the past to current events.

Beyond the Lecture: Innovations in Teaching Canadian History

Cover of Beyond the Lecture ebook, circle of blueberries on blue and yellow background

Click on the cover image to read and download the ebook.

Confronting Canadian Migration History

Click on the cover image to read and download the ebook. To download a high-quality .pdf with covers, click here.

Canadian Immigration History Syllabus

Click on the photo to read and download the syllabus.

Open History Seminar

Open History Seminar: Canadian History brings together open resources for learning about Canadian history from the earliest times to the present. Chapters include both historical documents and secondary interpretations on a range of topics.

With this open-access book, students have access to digitized copies of original historical documents and high-quality secondary source research materials. They will learn how to critically analyze historical documents, deconstruct historical arguments, and engage with historical scholarship.

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