Videos from New Directions in Active History 2015

Below are the links to videos from five panels recorded at the 2015 New Directions in Active History Conference.  Click on the title of each panel in order to watch the full video of each panel. You can also access shorter videos of individual speakers by clicking on the title of their talk. Enjoy!

New Directions in Active History: Opening Plenary Roundtable (Chair: Jim Clifford, University of Saskatchewan) 

  • Keith Carlson (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Christopher Moore (Independent Historian)
  • Wendy Rowney (Black Creek Pioneer Village)

The Future of Public History Programs in Canada (Chair: Dean Oliver, Canadian Museum of History

Innovative Teaching in the High School Classroom (Chair: Jessica Knapp, Canada’s History Society)

Storytelling through Film, Graphic Art & Performance (Chair: Michelle Hamilton, Western)

Counter Narratives of Place and Commemoration Roundtable (Chair: Kaitlin Wainwright, Heritage Toronto)

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