Waiting to Inhale: Marijuana’s past and future in Canada

A theme week on the history and future of marijuana in Canada edited by Erika Dyck and Lucas Richert.

Ericka Dyck and Lucas Richert, Waiting to Inhale: Marijuana’s past and future in Canada

William Knight, Cannabis cultures: Notes from the west coast

Murray Opdahl, Medical Cannabis: The Canadian Physicians’ Perspective

Cynthia Belaskie and Lucas Richert, Touring Tilray: Navigating Canada’s New Marketing and Selling of Medical Cannabis

Kathleen Thompson, Diversity in dispensaries: Fostering innovation in new medical marihuana regulations

Brent Zettl, Canadian Medical Cannabis: The Long and Winding Road (public lecture)

Phillip Smith, “Listen to Our Cannabis Constituency”: A View from South of the Border

Dan Malleck, Using the past to structure the future: Envisioning cannabis legalization through the lens of liquor control

Adam Rathge, Cannabis Americana: The Past, Present, and Future of Marijuana in North America

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