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Calling for Exemplary Active History Projects

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Over the past year and a half, has been soliciting donations to support our work. As part of our donations policy, we want to ensure that any surplus in our accounts is repurposed to support active history projects. As such, we are pleased to announce this morning two programs to promote the work of active historians. The first are… Read more »

Active History in 2018: Taking Stock

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Daniel Ross Since we founded Active History in 2009, it has grown into a big, exciting, and often eclectic project. The theme of our 2015 conference in London, Ontario was “New Directions in Active History”; that title captured something essential to what were were doing, in that the website and the networks of people it brings together continue to evolve… Read more »

Supporting the Work of

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For the past eight years, has functioned as an entirely volunteer-run website without robust financial supports. This has meant that when technical problems that exceed our abilities have arisen, we have needed to go cap-in-hand to drum up emergency funding to maintain the website or – occasionally – pay these costs out of pocket. As our website and audience… Read more »

A fond farewell: Thank you Beth Robertson

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This month Beth Robertson will be leaving the editorial collective in order to focus on her teaching at Carleton University and her work as the digital editor for the Canadian Science and Technology Historical Association / Scientia Canadensis. In recognition of all the work she has put into the project over the past three years, we are reposting the introduction to… Read more »

Write for Us!

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Over the past year, much has changed at Long time editors Ian Milligan and Kaleigh Bradley left the project as their careers have taken them in different directions, while we’ve added three new contributing editors to the team (Welcome Stephanie Bangarth, Erika Dyck, and Colin Coates!). Following New Directions in Active History, a conference we held last fall, we… Read more »

Reports from New Directions in Active History: Art + History = In-site-full Collaborations

By Andrea Terry  As a historian of Canadian Art, I hope that my research, teaching, and writing resonates with historians of all types. My most recent book Family Ties: Living History in Canadian House Museums (2015) explores how house museums anchor and transmit mythic histories. It connects the artefact to the performance of history at three “living history” house museums… Read more »

New Directions in Active History: A Retrospective

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By Beth A. Robertson, Ph.D  New Directions in Active History was not your ordinary academic conference. This weekend scholars, students, private and public sector workers, local community members, archivists and more conceived of new ways to communicate the complex issues of the past to larger audiences. Discussions weaved between public policy and public history programs, to the meaning of community-engaged… Read more »

Towards an Active History

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By Thomas Peace Over the past couple of weeks, the Active History editorial collective has begun the initial planning for a stand-alone conference to be held in late 2015 or 2016. Agreed that there was a need for a conference, we set about to determine the conference’s overall purpose and goals. What quickly became apparent was that we had slightly divergent views… Read more »

Celebrating Three Years

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By Jim Clifford Three  years ago, in the lead up to the Canadian Historical Association meeting, Christine McLaughlin, Ian Milligan, Thomas Peace, Jay Young and I founded  At the time we were all graduate students in the history department at York University. The website emerged out of the Active History symposium held in September 2008. Having budgeted to disseminate… Read more »