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Our new look

Today we’re re-launching with a new look and a more secure online presence. Over the past year or two we’ve been tinkering with the site in an effort to improve readability and make older content more accessible: we’re hoping that this modest makeover will help a bit with those goals. Among the new features–besides our trimmed-down logo–are better scaling on mobile and tablet devices, and more convenient access to the post archive, whether through the “Features” tab, a keyword search, or simply clicking on any of the tags or categories that appear below every post.

Behind the scenes, we’ve switched over to a more reliable and secure server, and connected with Rob Clifford at Calico Logic for tech support. You won’t see much difference on the front end; just a site that works the way it should.

As always, this new version of the site is a work in progress. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments or e-mail if you have ideas, bug reports, or suggestions… actually, on that note, give us a few days to get the email accounts back up and running. In the meantime, email

We’re taking donations!

While revamping the webpage, we’ve also created an opportunity for you to support Active History financially through a new donations tab. Over the past eight years, the site has survived primarily through the volunteer labour of the editors and our contributors, with support from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council, York University, the University of Saskatchewan and Huron University College. As the project and website have grown larger, requiring more online resources and support, we have increasingly felt it important to have dedicated funds available for upkeep: to keep the servers running, to solve technical problems, to make sure that the more than 1,000 blog posts, papers, podcasts and exhibits on have a stable and secure home.

It has always been our goal to support projects that align with our goals. Over the coming months, we will also roll out programs that will use donated funds to help seed new Active History projects and recognize exemplary practices of Active History throughout Canada. Huron University College has agreed to support the donations system and account, which is subject to all of the college’s fiscal oversight mechanisms, with co-editor Thomas Peace acting as coordinator for this new initiative. Inquiries can be directed to him at

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