featured in York University History Department video is featured in an internet video on York University’s history department.  Entitled “Making History Relevant”, the video premiered at the recent American Historical Association conference in San Diego.   Click here to view the video, located at the bottom of the right hand sidebar of the website in the “New Featured Films” section.

In the video, Jonathan Edmondson, chair of the history department, notes the important social responsibility of historians.  Similar to, York’s December 2009 conference – Global Football: History, Gender, and Nation – sought to connect the work of historians to a broad audience.  The conference brought together historians, soccer fans, journalists and sport officials to discuss the relationships between football and a number of important themes, such as the construction of social identities and globalization.

The video is available on Historians tv, a website that covers a variety of historical issues.  The site includes a short videos on New York’s Lower East Side Tenement Museum and African Burial Ground Monument, and an interview with historian Natalie Zemon Davis on her personal experiences of teaching history throughout her storied career.  These three videos can be viewed by clicking here and are found on the right hand sidebar of the website.

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