Refreshing the Site

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We’re happy to announce that is getting a new look! Over the next few days, we will be implementing some major changes to our website. This process should take about a week or so, so things may be in some flux.

If you have any comments about our new site, such as any features that may have been moved during our migration, or things you’d love to see, please let us know below.

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2 thoughts on “Refreshing the Site

  1. AWatson

    How about a tweetdeck? Maybe it doesn’t really have a role if people aren’t using #activehistory much. Just an initial thought.

    I very much enjoy that you can see more posts than before, but think it’s important to have pictures to draw readers in.

    Perhaps, in an effort to declutter the page, the ‘about’ info on the far right widget could be put under an ‘about Active History’ tab. Likewise, I feel as though I’d be just as likely to look through the ‘Recent Posts’ if I had to click on a tab. What about leaving the right hand side for the Blogroll, since the blogging community seems to be such a large part of your readership and presumably promotes your content too? Maybe it doesn’t get much traffic, but it looks good to promote them, I think (quasi-advertising).

    Finally, I think the tabs should be under the brand bar at the top; the tabs sort of get lost up there – hard to notice straight away.

    I also really like that you’ve kept the colour scheme simple and clean. Makes it easier to focus on the individual post-sections.

    Hope that helps.
    peace, Andrew

  2. Ian Milligan Post author

    Thanks for your help, Andrew! We’ve implemented a few suggestions and are kicking around a few others.

    While we’ve decided not to put the twitter feed in our sidebars like before, that’s mostly because our @activehist account mostly tweets articles (and replies, etc. aren’t included in our sidebar feeds). That said, we’re hoping people are happy to follow us on twitter and join in the conversation there.

    Again, thanks for your feedback and hope to keep seeing you around the comments!

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