Announcement: 2nd Annual ACO Nextgen Design Charette

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The assigned project site is located along Mill St. between Parliament and Trinity Streets in the historic Distillery District of Toronto. The site contains a designated heritage building at the corner of Mill and Trinity Streets. 18-20 Trinity St is a masonry warehouse building, built in 1906 by David Roberts Jr. for the Gooderman and Worts company. It has evolved through
various alterations and additions (between 1916 – 1929) to its present form.

Project Objectives:

  • Develop an innovative proposal for the site
  • Propose an appropriate use/program for 18-20 Trinity and project site
  • Consider thoughtful connections to the Distillery District to the South, and the First
  • Parliament Site to the West, and the West Don Lands Development to the East
  • Respond to existing, approved, and in progress developments adjacent to the site
  • Reflect the history of the site through architectural, landscape, and interpretation
  • strategies
  • Develop five key statements/strategies for the success of this site

Depending on the backgrounds of group members, the participants will be encouraged (but
not limited) to:

  • Review and respond to the West Don Lands Master Plan
  • Review and respond to the current King-Parliament Secondary Plan Review and respond to the current King-Parliament Urban Design Guidelines
  • Illustrate their scheme through 3D and 2D graphics, hand sketches etc.
  • Suggest possible conservation/restoration strategies
  • Justify the proposed use of the site using planning policies and a proposed public
  • engagement strategy
  • Suggest possible visions for directly adjacent sites

Participants will be provided with the following documents:

  • DWG files and printed drawings of 18-20 Trinity St. and Project Site Plan
  • A 3D Sketchup model of the site and context (existing and proposed)
  • Digital copies of any relevant planning documents

Participants will be organized in teams of 5-6, and will be given one day to develop their
scheme. At the end of the day, the groups will present a 5-minute digital presentation
(PowerPoint or PDF) explaining their approach. The digital presentations must contain a title
page with the first and last names of each group member.
The event venue is located very close to the site. As such, participants will be encouraged to
visit the site over the course of the day. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring
laptops, as many of the provided resources will be digital.

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