Podcast: Lost Ottawa: Facebook, Community, and History in the 21st Century. What Does it all Mean?

On September 17, the Ottawa Historical Association held its first lecture of the 2013-2014 season. Kicking things off was David McGee of the Canadian Science and Technology Museum and Founder of the popular Facebook group Lost Ottawa. McGee’s talk was entitled “Lost Ottawa: Facebook, Community, and History in the 21st Century. What Does it all Mean?”

Lost OttawaLost Ottawa is a group which features photographs of the nation’s capital up to 2000 – although primarily from the second half of the twentieth century. The photos highlight how the city has changed and members recall, discuss, and debate the city’s evolution. From restaurants that no longer exist, to changing uses of public places, to old NAC concert tickets, the group has become a popular destination for those interested in Ottawa’s history. But the group also raises questions about the study and marketing of history in 2013. In his talk, McGee discusses the Lost Ottawa’s growth and how historians can reach a wider audience.

ActiveHistory.ca is happy to present a recording of the address. Many thanks to David McGee and Andrew Burtch, President of the Ottawa Historical Association for their assistance.

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