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As part of Black History Month every Friday in February we’re featuring some of our most popular posts and podcasts on Black History.

Today we’re featuring some of our favourite podcasts and recorded talks on Black History from the past few years.

History Slam Podcasts:

  • Episode Twenty-Six: The Black Panthers in Saskatchewan
    In this episode of the History Slam podcast, Sean Graham talks with Dawn Flood of Campion College at the University of Regina about Black Panther Fred Hampton and his visit to Saskatchewan. They chat about racial discrimination in Chicago, the reputation of the Black Panthers, the reason for coming to Saskatchewan, and Fred Hampton’s death.
  • Episode Forty-One: Race, Identity, and Newfoundland Culture in Robert Chafe’s Oil and Water  On February 18, 1942 off the coast of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, the USS Truxton and the USS Pollux ran aground in the midst of a harsh winter storm. Of the 389 sailors on both ships, only 186 survived. Of those, one stood out: Lanier Phillips. After being rescued by a group of locals, Phillips became the first African American in St. Lawrence, an experience that forever changed him and the community.  The transformation of Phillip’s life is the focus of playwright Robert Chafe’s Oil and Water.  In this episode of History Slam Sean Graham speaks with Robert Chafe about his play, Lanier Phillips’ legacy and the challenges of representing a true story on stage.
  • Episode Fifty-Eight: African Canadians in the US Civil War
    Sean Graham and Richard Ried discuss the challenges of researching African Canadians in the Civil War, the tasks given to black regiments, and the domestic policies that shaped British North Americans’ participation in the conflict.  They also examine the legacy of African Canadians fighting in the war and the historical oddity of Civil War pensions being paid into the 21st century.(Sean Graham and Richard Ried)

Recorded Talks:

  • The Drake “Smoke Screen” Phenomenon: Canadian Hip Hop History
    A conversation Francesca D’Amico hosted with award-winning journalist, radio and TV broadcaster, Dalton Higgins.  Higgins and D’Amico engaged in a discussion intended to use the life and music of Drake as a lens by which to discuss broader issues such as: the history of urban music in Toronto; class and authenticity in urban music; and race, ethnicity, identity and notions of multiculturalism and acceptance in Canada.


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