History Chat: A Conversation with Douglas Hunter

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On October 26, the History of Indigenous Peoples (HIP) Network sponsored the launch of two books by HIP member Douglas Hunter, which included a conversation with Douglas about writing for the public hosted by Boyd Cothran. The two books are:

The Place of Stone: Dighton Rock and the Erasure of America’s Indigenous Past 

Beardmore: The Viking Hoax That Re-Wrote History

Hunter is an author, artist, and historian who has published twenty books and innumerable articles on the histories of exploration in the New World, Canadian business history, hockey, and the environment. He holds a PhD in History from York University (2015). His current book project is called Jackson’s Wars, which explores Group of Seven artist A. Y. Jackson’s experiences as a soldier and war artist in the First World War. 

 Active History is pleased to present a recording of the conversation as part of our History Chats series. The History Chats features recordings of public lectures and roundtables on a wide variety of topics. Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. 

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