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Join us in building the Active History project! invites propositions for blog posts, thematic series, and other contributions that highlight new research and histories that matter today. We welcome proposals from all historians, whether they work in institutions or in the community, who would like to expand the audience for their work while presenting it in an accessible format. We are particularly interested in recruiting for the following three roles:

Contributing editors

Are you an reader or contributor who wants to try their hand at editing for the site? Those interested in a six-month contributing editor position are encouraged to apply. We are looking for people who will bring new ideas, perspectives, and histories to the project. Proposals for the role should include a short bio and a one-paragraph description of the kind of contribution you would like to make at (potential themes, types of blog posts, or projects)  

Series editors

What histories matter in 2024? Work with fellow historians and the editorial collective to present a series of posts around a specific theme. Previous series have explored topics including refugee reception, the climate emergency, and history teaching. Proposals for thematic series should include a short bio, a title and one-paragraph statement of the theme and format of the series (texts, artwork with commentary, etc.), and a list of contributors.

Regular contributors

Share your work and ideas regularly with our audience of historians, educators, and interested members of the wider public. Regular contributors commit to work with the editorial collective to publish four blog posts (typically accessible, jargon-free texts of 800-1500 words) over the course of a year. Proposals should include a short bio and a one-paragraph description of the history work you do as well as some ideas for potential posts.


Thanks to the generosity of the site’s readers and allies across Canada, we are pleased to be able to offer honoraria to early-career historians interested in taking on these roles. Series editors will receive $500 and a budget of up to $500 to pay series contributors (for example, four posts at $125 each). Regular contributors will receive $500 per year.

For more information visit our Guidelines for authors and then contact us at

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