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Remembering the Prague Spring Refugees

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By Jan Raska The year 1968 is synonymous with protest and social change. This August, the world marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia and the suppression of the Prague Spring. As a result of this sudden crisis, Canada resettled close to 12,000 refugees from Czechoslovakia between September 1968 and January 1969. This movement of individuals… Read more »

‘The Government Game’: resettlement then and now

By Tina Loo So the government paid us for movin’ away, And leaving our birthplace for a better day’s pay; They said that our poor lives would ne’er be the same, Once we took part in the government game…. -Al Pittman, “The Government Game” (1983) Ninety per cent. That was the number on the minds of the eighty-seven residents of… Read more »