Women’s Social and Political Activism in the Canadian West

A theme week edited by Sarah Carter, Erika Dyck and Nanci Langford.  This theme week built upon work presented at the “History of Women’s Political & Social Activism in the Canadian West Conference” held October 28-30, 2016 at the University of Alberta.

Nanci Langford with Sarah Carter, Theme Week Introduction: Women’s Social and Political Activism in the Canadian West

Nettie Wiebe, Agrarian Feminism in Our Time and Place

Debbie Beaver, Black Settlers of Alberta and Saskatchewan Historical Society

Susan L. Smith, The Voice of Women Against Chemical Weapons

Cythia Loch-Drake, Rethinking the Contributions of Union Activist Ethel Wilson Within the Postwar Context of Alberta’s Male-Dominated Industrial Complex

Rhonda Hinther, Firmly on the Left: ‘Ethnic Hall’ Socialist Women’s Activism and State Responses, 1919-1945

Shannon Ingram, Silenced Histories: Accessing Abortion in Alberta, 1969 to 1988

Anne Dance, Rediscovering the “Oracle of Wheat”

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