Jennifer Bonnell on the history of prisons, pollution, and homelessness in Toronto’s Don River valley: History Matters series podcast

"Ice jam Don River looking southeast from north of Queen Street", 1901, from City of Toronto Archives

Historian Jennifer Bonnell recently gave a talk called “Isolating Undesirables: Prisons, Pollution and Homelessness in Toronto’s Don River Valley, 1860-1932” at the Berndale branch of the Toronto Public Library.   The lecture is part of the Toronto Public Library’s History Matters series.

The lecture is based on research for Bonnell’s PhD dissertation, which examined the social and environmental history of the lower Don River valley.

Her talk is available here for audio download.

Next week will post another recent History Matters talk, Susana Miranda’s discussion of Portuguese women in Toronto’s cleaning industry from 1970 to 1990.

The next History Matters talk takes place on Thursday, November 4th, when Megan Davies and David Reville present “Locating Parkdale’s Mad History: Back Wards to Back Streets, 1980-2010” at Toronto’s Parkdale library.    Click here for more details.

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