Want to Review a Book for ActiveHistory.ca?

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You can review this interesting and quirky read about the history of the donut in Canada.

Enjoy reading about the experiences of people who lived in the past?  Love learning about the history of places that mean something to you? ActiveHistory.ca is looking for people outside of the academic history community to review history books for us.

Are you not an academic and a regular visitor to our site? Great! Consider writing a book review for us. You will receive a complimentary copy of your book and your review will be added to our book review section. We will set you up with a book that matches your interests or professional expertise.

Or how about this book about the history of the Canadian Rangers by P. Whitney Lackenbauer?

Or how about this book about the history of the Canadian Rangers?

We hope to provide a new perspective on history books not regularly found in academic journals. This approach has been interesting so far, with some excellent reviews of recently published books on Canadian history. Check out Emily Beliveau’s review of Charles Wilkin’s A Wild Ride: A History of the Northwest Mounted Police, 1863-1904, Ruthann LaBlance’s post on Dale Barbour’s Winnipeg Beach: Leisure and Courtship in a Resort Town, 1900–1967and Kayla Jonas Galvin’s piece on Neil White’s Company Towns: Corporate Order and Community.


If you would like to review a book for ActiveHistory.ca, and you are not currently a graduate student or professor in a history department, please contact our book review editor Kaleigh Bradley at bookreviews@activehistory.ca. Tells us a little about yourself and what type of history you are interested in. Happy reading!



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