Video: Bidisha Ray – “Great Soul or Great Schemer? Exploring the Myth of Mahatma Gandhi”

Mahatma Gandhi’s name is synonymous with peace and saintliness almost everywhere on the planet. Yet in parts of postcolonial South Asia, Gandhi’s life, politics, ideologies, and legacy have been the subject of considerable controversy and even violent denigration. How, then, should we remember Gandhi? Misogynist tyrant or freethinking radical? Self-absorbed kingmaker or farsighted statesman? Economic genius or utopian fantasist? By exploring some of the most popular myths surrounding the man and his work, Dr. Bidisha Ray offers in this video a fresh perspective on what Gandhi and Gandhi-isms may stand for.

Next up in SFU’s History Department’s Heroes and Villains series is “Trudeau 2.0: Pierre’s Legacy and Justin’s Future,” a roundtable discussion with Elise Chenier, Allen Seager, and Nicolas Kenny, hosted by Roxanne Panchasi. It will be held 28 November 2013, 7:00 PM. Further details here:

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