History Feature in Newest Issue of Atlantic Books Today

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By Angela Mombourquette, Editor, Atlantic Books Today

Three times a year, the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association publishes a 48-page magazine dedicated to exploring the latest in Atlantic Canadian books. Today, we’re pleased to tell you that we’ve done something extra special with the newest issue of Atlantic Books Today.

Thanks to support from the Canada Book Fund, we’ve added a 16-page section devoted entirely to history—and to showcasing the vigorous catalogue of new history titles from Atlantic Canada and beyond. We’ve also broadened many of our existing departments in this issue to touch on history, and we’ve brought in the big guns, including several celebrated authors—like John Boileau, AJB Johnston, and Frank Macdonald—whose expertise in historical subjects extends deep—to explore how writers are approaching history from fresh, exciting perspectives.

Join us as author Jon Tattrie looks at three new works of lively, funny history, and as Nova Scotia writer Sandra Phinney brings us a profile of Mike Parker—author, outdoorsman and historian—and explores the secrets to his success. John Boileau, a retired army officer, and currently the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of The Halifax Rifles (RCAC) brings us “War and Peace,” a look at new works touching on military history. Multitalented Cape Breton author Frank Macdonald compares some recent works of historical fiction, and finds historical truths revealed through themes and characters, while Young Readers’ Editor Lisa Doucet explores the benefits of reading historical books for kids. We also have reviews and excerpts to entice and entertain and many more articles that explore history-themed subjects.

We invite you to read and enjoy. To go directly to the digital edition, please click here.

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