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Is there anything more fun/dangerous/time consuming than unintentionally falling into a YouTube rabbit hole? You start out looking for Stephen Colbert’s Daft Punk video and two hours later have somehow landed on bloopers from Seinfeld. One of my personal favourites is mid-to-late 90s professional wrestling videos, with their over the top characters and the nostalgia of being a kid and wondering if it was real. Plus, all the Royal Rumbles from that era are readily available – what a great time to be alive.

In addition to these, I’ve also fell on some pretty terrific history videos during my trips to YouTube, which made me think that perhaps we here at Active History should put together some videos. So we did and we’re pleased to announce the YouTube channel.

The channel currently features 85 videos, including all 35 episodes of the History Slam Podcast and the various podcasts of lectures and conference proceedings that we’ve posted in the past few years. All new podcasts posted to the site will be added to channel.

We’re also going to work on putting together some more video content for the site. Whether how-to videos or digital tours of historical sites, there are exciting opportunities to expand the site’s reach through the channel.

There will also be some material that is exclusive to the channel. For instance, there are outtakes from the Historical Anecdotes History Slam episode posted to the channel. In this one, Sean Nicklin, Aaron Boyes, and I discuss plane crashes and the show Mayday. (The other outtakes feature debates on the necessity of a gold toilet and the benefits pet ownership)

So take a look and feel free to fall into an YouTube rabbit hole. And if you have any suggestions for content you would like to see on the channel, please let us know.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing the YouTube Channel

  1. kaitlin

    This sounds like a tremendous amount of fun! Congratulations to the coordinators who are getting it off the ground; I hope I get to be part of the content building.

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