History Slam Episode Ninety-Eight: High School History Trips

By Sean Graham

The opportunity to study abroad is unique and has the potential to be extremely rewarding. For students, it’s a chance to experience foreign cultures and get a first-hand look at some of the places talked about during class. For teachers, it’s an opportunity to go beyond the classroom and use experiential teaching techniques. I’ve been lucky enough to be both a student and instructor in international settings. In both cases they were challenging, rewarding, and memorable.

While my experiences have all been at the post-secondary level, I know others who have been able to travel for educational purposes at the high school level. One of whom just got back from a European trip that included a visit to Vimy, where students had the unique experience of visiting during the 100th anniversary commemorations.

In this episode of the History Slam, I talk with high school teacher (and friend of the show) Ashley Baine. We talk about preparing students for international travel, incorporating experiential learning into the trips, and getting back into the classroom upon their return to Canada. We also talk about memorable teachers and incorporating new strategies into our own courses.

Sean Graham is an editor with Activehistory.ca and the host/producer of the History Slam podcast.

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