Piece by Piece

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Sam Huckerby

Piece by Piece uses images, maps, and public-friendly text to show that 19th century English clothing materials connected to everything from bird preservation movements to slavery. Born out of a desire to start filling in the gaps of how we talk about historical dress, Piece by Piece shows that clothes are more than just aesthetics: they have history that reflects society and worldviews. If we can practice being honest about how clothing was made in the past, we are better equipped to be honest about how clothing is made in the present. Built using Esri’s StoryMaps, readers can scroll through the entire project at their own pace or click on the different headings to explore materials in any order. Hover over map points for more information and interact with the image sliders found throughout the project. Click the circular icon in the corner of each photograph for a link to its source.


Sam Huckerby is a third-year student at the University of Saskatchewan pursuing a double honours degree in Studio Art and History. She is passionate about demonstrating how history can be used to engage the public in critical thinking, honesty, and problem-solving for today.

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