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Reassessing the Abortion Caravan

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By Shannon Stettner and Christabelle Sethna The Abortion Caravan is a gutsy, fun, and bold example of direct action. The more recent attention to it seems to have resulted in a level of exposure and an attribution of importance that probably exceeds its actual historical significance to the pro-choice movement in Canada. When an event is popularized, perhaps even mythologized,… Read more »

The New Abortion Caravan

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By Karissa Patton The Abortion Caravan of 1970 brought an issue that was primarily confined to letters and opinion pieces in newspapers, magazines, and to the Report of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, to the streets of Canadian cities and towns.[1] Caravaners were successful in raising awareness about, and building support for, the notion that women must have… Read more »

The Women Are Coming; The Abortion Caravan of 1970

[Editors Note: This is the first of a series of five posts on the Abortion Caravan that will be running this month.] By Christabelle Sethna and Shannon Stettner On April 27, 1970, members of the Vancouver Women’s Caucus (VWC) set off on a journey to Ottawa in an “Abortion Caravan” to protest the new abortion law. Under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau,… Read more »