Active History Announcements: Sept 5 – 11

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After a month long vacation, AH Announcements is back!  The following upcoming events may be of interest to our readers (click on ‘continue reading’ below for full descriptions):

1)  Thought Exchange (History Matters) – Sept 14, 2 p.m.

2) The Toronto Beer Quest – Sept. 26, 11 a.m.

3)  Approaching the Past: The Past through Place – Sept 30, 7 p.m.

4) This week in the Active History blogosphere!

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1)  Toronto Public Library is launching an historical lecture series this fall – THOUGHT EXCHANGE (History Matters). The series aims to develop dialogue and exchange between active Toronto historians and the broader Toronto community through a series of lively, relevant talks and discussion. The first talk is: ‘Making the Scene in 1960s Yorkville.’  Historian-musician-journalist Stuart Henderson explores Toronto’s 1960s counterculture.  September 14, 2 pm, Yorkville Branch, 22 Yorkville Ave.  (416-393-7660)

2)  The Toronto Beer Quest is an urban adventure that combines beer, history, and a chance to get to see the city.  Discover the history of brewing in Toronto, while racing around the city, during the Toronto Beer Week.  For more information check out last week’s blog post by Mirella Amato (see link below).

3)  Julia Roberts will be leading the next Approaching the Past workshop.  Professor Roberts will discuss using places, such as taverns, as entry points for teaching the past.  The event will be held at Montgomery’s Inn on September 30th at 7 p.m. For more information visit Approaching the Past or e-mail

4)  This was still a bit of a vacation week in the AH blogosphere, mais nous avons eu l’action dans le blogue HistoireEngagee! (our partner francophone site):

–     HE: Luc Nicole-Labrie: A Reminder for Young Historians in the Media

–     AH: Mirella Amato: Exploring Toronto’s Rich Beer History

And here are the links to some posts that went up while we were on vacation (if you didn’t bring us with you to the beach):

–    AH: Colin Tyner: The Reenactment of Wartime Pasts in Yasukuni

–     HE: Carl Pépin: From Courcelette to Kandahar: The Québécois in Combat

–     AH: Adam Crymble: Time Machine Being Built South of the Border

–     HE: Luc Nicole-Labrie: Joseph Knight Boswell’s Brewery: 1843-1887

–     AH: Theresa Iacobelli: Place and Time: Old Photographs and New Technology

–     HE:  Luc Nicole-Labrie: Jean Talon’s Brewery: 1670-1675

–     AH: Brittany Luby: Integrating History and Fashion: an interview with Dorothy Grant

–     AH: Christine McLaughlin: Lessons of the Past: Equity, Equality and Education

–     HE: Luc Nicole-Labrie: Lamontagne, the Mayor of Québec: 1965-1977

–     AH: Megan Arnott: Memories of L’Anse aux Meadows

–     AH: A.J. Rowley: Can We Redeem File-Sharing After the Download Decade?

–     AH: Lisa Rumiel: History Matters: A lecture series connecting Toronto historians with the city and its people

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