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Ontario Women’s History Network

The Ontario Women’s History Network Annual Meeting and Conference and Conference will be held April 1-2 in Kingston, Ontario. It is on “Canadian Women & the Second World War” and has an interesting array of speakers. Please download the conference flyer here.  Contact rosefinemeyer@gmail.com for more information.

Calling all History Teachers & Curriculum Leaders, Museum and Historical Site Educators:

Benchmarks of Historical Thinking will provide the methodological core of the institute’s work on curriculum, lesson, and exhibit design and development. The “Benchmarks” approach opens up the interpretive nature of history by making explicit and central such fundamental concepts as “primary source evidence,” “historical significance,” and “continuity and change.”

This summer institute is ideal for educators, whether you’re a History teacher or an educator at a museum, as well as many other applications as well.

July 4-9, 2011 at UBC Campus, Vancouver, BC.

EH-SO: A Symposium of Environmental Historians in Southern Ontario

The Toronto Environmental History Network is hosting the first annual EH-SO, an informal two day workshop Friday March 25 and Saturday March 26 in Toronto.   For more information or to attend contact Jim Clifford at jcliffo9@uwo.ca.

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