4 Years of ActiveHistory.ca

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We’re proud to announce that ActiveHistory.ca has been blogging about why history matters for more than four years!

Ever since our first anniversary back in 2010, we have celebrated the achievements of the past year, and this year is no exception. Our body of contributors and guest writers has grown larger and more diverse, while the number of posts featured on the site has continued to boom. During our best months, we enjoy a readership of almost 20,000 independent visitors.

Some specific highlights this year include Sean Graham’s excellent work on his History Slam! podcast, as well as regular book review posts, thanks to editor Kaleigh Bradley. Articles originally published here have led to full-page features in the Globe and Mail and press in other media outlets. Posts such as Tom Peace’s “History Wars: Terms of Debate” have contributed significantly to the national discussion about the purpose and aims of historical research, heritage, and history education in Canada.

A hearty thanks to all our contributors, guest writers, supporters, and of course you – our readers. The site just wouldn’t be possible without all of you.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Karim Kanji to talk about the evolution of ActiveHistory.ca. Karim is co-founder of thirdocean, a social media agency that works with companies to help them utilize online, digital and social tools to strengthen specific business needs.  He wanted to know how ActiveHistory.ca has used social media to make its mark on Canada’s history community. We chatted about the successes and challenges of the past four years and the story behind ActiveHistory.ca.

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