Historians Confront the Climate Emergency

Warming Stripes for Globe, 1850-2020. showyourstripes.info

Series hosted by ActiveHistory.ca, NiCHE (Network in Canadian History & Environment), Historical Climatology and Climate History Network.

What does it mean to be a historian on a planet on fire?

What does it mean to study the human past when the human future is in dire peril?

This series does not claim to answer these questions, questions that will be worked out by all of us, in collective dialogue and debate, over the decades to come.

Instead, we have more modest aims, but ones that we nonetheless hope will encourage scholars of the past – in whatever discipline they find themselves – to think in new ways about how the work of historians might speak to the totalizing crisis at whose precipice humanity now stands.

For this ten-part series, we asked a wide-ranging and interdisciplinary roster of contributors to respond to the following animating questions: how should we historians and academics respond to the climate crisis? And how are we already doing so, in our research and our teaching?

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