Series @ 2014-2015

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As part of our summer hiatus, is featuring summaries of the papers and series we’ve run over the past year. Today, we provide a list of the series we’ve published since September 2014:

The Home Archivist (by Jess Dunkin) – Ongoing

Anishinaabeg in the War of 1812 (by Alan Corbiere)

200 Years of the Old Chieftain – January 2015

Infectious Disease, Contagion and the History of Vaccines – March/April 2015

Commemorating 35 years of the Marathon of Hope (Jenny Ellison) – April 2015

Thirty Five Years after the Abortion Caravan – May 2015

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2 thoughts on “Series @ 2014-2015

  1. Shannon Stettner

    You also published a series reflecting on the 45th anniversary of the Abortion Caravan in May.

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