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2012 Olympic Park: Remediating the Environmental and Social Conditions

Will the 2012 Olympics force the poorer people living in the Lower Lea Valley to relocate as the environmental conditions improve.

Disappointment, Nihilism, and Engagement: Some Thoughts on Active History

By Dr. Stuart Henderson, SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, York University This essay was originally published in Left History, Vol. 15, No. 1 (Fall/Winter 2010-11). Introduction I: Simon Critchley and the Ethical Demand II: Reality TV, Hyper-Reality, and III: Active Nihilism and Our Very Own Bazarov IV: Two Experiences of Disappointment V: Political Disappointment and the Way Out Endnotes INTRODUCTION In… Read more »

What Can “Oral History” Teach Us?

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By Steven High, Canada Research Chair in Public History shigh[at] Abstract Paper Endnotes Abstract What if the study of the Canadian past was understood as an interdisciplinary field? This paper offers “oral history” as an example of an interdisciplinary craft that has made such a transition. Paper When Ruth Sandwell approached me to be on a 2010 Canadian Historical Association… Read more »

WikiLeaks and the End of History?

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An analysis of WikiLeaks, access to information, and the public’s right to know.

The Sentimentalists by Johanna Skibsrud

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I don’t normally rush out to buy the Giller Prize winner.  I’m regrettably not a big follower of recent Canadian literature.  In fact, during the past year I’ve had little time to read fiction more generally.  However, when a small press won the prize for the first time and the interviews with the author suggested the book might be very… Read more »

Does a History Education Matter?

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In late September the Pope traveled to England and beatified Cardinal Newman. One month later the British government’s 40% funding cuts demonstrated the limited influence of sainthood in the politics of higher education.

Canuck Rock: A History of Canadian Popular Music

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By Carrie Schmidt Rock and roll: a phrase that can conjure wildly differing images: smoky bars, boozy nights, and damaged ears that ring for days. Alone, behind closed doors, safely sequestered from the parents/roommates/spouse/children, earphones glued to the head, covered in goosebumps from what is surely a life-changing musical experience. Devil music that corrupts impressionable youth. Rock and freaking roll…. Read more »

‘All the world’s a stage’: Performance in the Classroom

Performance is an important theoretical concept in the history classroom.  It has been deployed in various contexts, from a social historian’s concern with the ‘public transcript’ of the theatre of the dominant classes, and its counter-theatre of resistance, to cultural and gender historians’ readings of ‘performativity,’ wherein the cultural fictions of collectively performed gender produce and reinforce prevailing notions of normalcy. … Read more »