This section is dedicated to supporting Active History projects both online and in the material world. These projects can include web series (such as ‘The Home Archivist’) or theme weeks (such as ‘Indigenous Histories’) as well as broader partnerships and support. ActiveHistory.ca is flexible project and platform shaped by our broader community of readers and supporters.

On this page you will find some of our most recent projects, as well as more permanent links to resources we’ve published that have direct applicability in the classroom. Please contact us if you are interested in coordinating a series, submitting a Forum Essay or providing classroom resources on the site.

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Recognizing the Historical Thinking Project

  • In December 2013 we learned that the Department of Canadian Heritage’s funding for the Historical Thinking Project would end on 31 March 2014. To mark this important project’s conclusion, ActiveHistory.ca put together a collection of 12 short essays recognizing the work the project had accomplished and setting out possible directions for the future. The collection of essays covers Historical Thinking practices in the classroom, museum and among the general public written by students, professors, curriculum developers and public historians.

The Royal Proclamation in Historical Perspective

  • In 2013 ActiveHistory.ca and the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies partnered to compile a collection of essays commemorating the 1763 Royal Proclamation. This collection of fourteen essays explores the implications of the Proclamation that faced Indigenous peoples and Settler communities across North America, exploring both what the proclamation meant when it was issued in the mid-eighteenth century and what it continues to mean in North American society today.

Commemoration, Monuments, and Renaming

  • Since 2010 ActiveHistory.ca has featured numerous posts focused on the politics and history of commemoration, monuments, and place names. This collection of posts provides an entry point to the complex realities behind commemoration decisions.

Recent Forum Essays

In addition to our group blog and series, ActiveHistory.ca also publishes longer forum essays that link a historians work to pressing contemporary issues.


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