What’s Old is News is a podcast hosted and produced by Sean Graham, exploring how current events are shaped by history. Each week, Sean will be joined by historians, journalists, and experts to discuss some of the biggest questions in history and how the connect to major policy and cultural decisions being made today. There’s also our ‘Historical Headline of the Week’ segment, where we look at how old news continues to resonate.

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The former ActiveHistory.ca podcast, History Slam (2012-2022) was also hosted and produced by Sean Graham. You can find all the History Slam podcasts below, or by visiting on the Activehistory.ca YouTube channel.

Below are some more audio files from past events:

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Franca Iacovetta, “Public Spectacles of Multiculturalism: Toronto Before Trudeau,” February 28 2013

William Jenkins, “Beyond Orange and Green: Toronto’s Irish, 1870-1914,” January 31 2013

Far from Over: The Music and Life of Drake, an evening with Dalton Higgins (hosted by Francesca D’Amico), December 8 2012

Ian McKay,  “What’s Wrong With Flanders Fields,” November 11 2012

Grace Delgado, Patricia Burke Wood, Russell Kazal, Randy Widdis, David Atkinson with Roberto Perin, “The Mosaic vs. the Melting Pot? Myths and Realities of Cultural Pluralism in Canada and the United States” Roundtable, October 19 2012

Erica Lee, “Local, National, and Transnational Histories of Immigration to the Americas,” October 19 2012

“The War of 1812: Whose War Was It, Anyway?” Roundtable, May 30 2012

Jessica Van Horssen, “Quebec’s Asbestos Industry and McGill University: The Historic Relationship,” March 2012

Christine McLaughlin, “Producing History in an Auto Town: Oshawa After World War II,” November 16 2011

Craig Heron, “Labour on the March: 150 Years of Labour Parades in Toronto,” October 27 2011

Richard Harris, “The Making of Dufferin-St. Clair: 1900-1929,” October 20 2011

Lisa Rumiel, “Three Mile Island to Bhopal: the Life and Work of Environmental Activist Rosalie Bertell,” September 29 2011

Ruth Frager, “Spadina Sweatshops: Jews and Gender in Toronto’s Labour Movement 1900 to 1939”, September 14 2011

Jim Clifford, “An Environmental History of the Lower Lea River Valley, Site of the 2012 London Olympics,” April 14 2011

Ian McKay, “The Empire Strikes Back: Militarism, Imperial Nostalgia, and the Right-Wing Reconceptualization of Canada” , February 25 2011

Megan Davies and David Reville, “Locating Parkdale’s Mad History: Back Wards to Back Streets, 1980-2010”, November 4 2010

Susana Miranda, “Keeping the City Clean: Portuguese Women in Toronto’s Cleaning Industry, 1970-1990”, October 21 2010

Jennifer Bonnell, “Isolating Undesirables:  Prisons, Pollution and Homelessness in Toronto’s Don River Valley, 1860-1932”, October 14 2010

Jay Young, “A Public Technology: Building Toronto’s Yonge Street Subway”, October 14 2010

Craig Heron, “I’ll Drink to That: Booze in Hogtown”, September 28 2010

Stuart Henderson, “Making the Scene in 1960s Yorkville”, September 14 2010

Geoffrey Reaume, Victoria Freeman, Craig Heron and the members of Active History.ca, “Hands On History: Keeping History Relevant”, October 1 2009 – Part One Part Two

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